how to get curly hair

How to get natural curly hair for straight hair

It’s well known that girls with straight hair sometimes dream about curly frizzy hair. For significant events in your life, you can use the services of stylists and professional methods of creating curls. For everyday life, the use of curling irons is undesirable, as it can cause damage to the hair. In this article, we will consider a few simple ways to transform straight hair right into day-to-day curls.

With a couple of simple techniques, it’s very easy to design a curly appearance daily. You will also have some extra time to sleep in the morning. 

With curling irons or curlers, any person knows how to get curly hair. Is it possible to get curly hair naturally? 

4 leading suggestions of how to make straight hair wavy.

1. Braiding several braids

One of the easiest ways to create the effect of curly hair is braiding before going to bed. Wash your hair with shampoo, dry your hair with a towel. Braid slightly damp hair into a few braids as in the pictures below. If your hair is fairly rigid and does not respond well to perms,  you can apply mousse before braiding. In the morning, just in case, dry a little bit. Untie the braids and straighten the curls with your fingers, without using a comb. If necessary, use hairspray, but even without it the hair waves will stay until the evening.

how to get curly hair
after braiding these two braids you will get natural waves

2. Tie a Bun

To achieve wide and light beautiful waves in the hair – clean hair at night, make use of a texturizing spray and also coiffure up until hair is virtually completely dry. Next, divide the hair into two parts, and twist each of them into a knot. Likewise, you can connect all your hair right into a solitary topknot. Untie each in the early morning and also knead swirls from the roots, form and apply a hairspray. You can additionally obtain simple waves by tying the hair into a topknot before sleeping. 

how to get curly hair

3. Make use of a curling iron safely

Long hair is quite easy to curl with a curling iron and it will be safe if you do it properly. Spray a heat protectant right into your hair and only after that spin a strand around the barrel. Hold for around 5 seconds prior to carrying on to the following strand. For an all-natural coating, brush hair really gently. For additional hold, use a usual hair gel or the one with sparkles if you choose so.

how to get curly hair

4. Twirl hair with bobby pins

When you have not very long hair, it’s not easy to use a curling iron, to make a pigtail or a topknot. That does not indicate you cannot obtain curls or waves. Just spin and also twirl an individual lock of hair after cleaning and also secure with bobby pins.  At that moment, you have Bantu Knots. Blow-dry or air-dry prior to loosening up the knots. Straighten the curls with your fingers, complement the hairstyle with hairspray.

As you might have noticed, there are a couple of common rules here. Done use a brush if you want to keep your hair curly, protect the hair from the heat if you decide to use a curling iron. And use the natural property of the wet hair to keep the form after drying out. It’s easy, fast and fun to take care of your hair and change your look according to your mood. 

how to get curly hair

how to get curly hair

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